Who we are

The St John Ophthalmic Association

Founded 2015


Surgeon Rear Admiral Lionel Jarvis, CBE


Dr Michael Dan, CM OStJ OOnt LLD PhD(Hon)

Executive Committee

Chair: Mr David H Verity, MD, MA, FRCOphth
Honorary Secretary: Miss Alison Davis, MA, FRCOphth


Digital Director: Miss Sri Gore, MD, MA, FRCOphth
Events Director: Miss Priscilla Mathewson , MD, FRCOphth
Academic Editor: Dr Kailun Jiang, MD
Cutting Edge Director: Mr Jonathan Hyer, MD, FRCOphth

SOA – Middle East

Chair: Dr Iyad Habil, MD

Research Chair: Dr Ala’a Talbishi, MD

Allied Health Chair: Dr Ahmad Ma’ali, PhD


SOA – Asia Pacific

Chair: Prof Nitin Verma, MD

Hon Sec: Prof Sunny Shen

(1) Australia: Prof Nitin Verma, MD

(2) New Zealand: Mr Richard Hart, MD (Chair). Miss Catherine McMurray, MD (Hon Sec)

(3) Singapore: Prof Sunny Shen, MD, FRCOphth

(4) Hong Kong: Prof Hunter Yuen, MD

SOA – Europe

Chair: Mr David H Verity, MD, MA, FRCOphth

Hon Sec: Miss Alison Davis, MD FRCOphth

Hon Treasurer: Mr Daniele Lorenzano, FRCOphth

Academics Event Coordinator: Miss Priscilla Mathewson, MA FRCOphth


SOA – Americas

Patron: Dr Michael Dan, C.M., O.Ont.

Chair: Prof Anne Coleman, MD

Hon Sec: Dr Charles Mosteller, MD

Hon Treasurer: Mr Bruce Spivey, MD

(1) USA: Prof Anne Coleman, MD

(2) Canada: Dr Michelle Khan, MD


SOA – Africa

Chair: Dr Grant Ladner, MD

Hon Sec.: Mr George Woods, MBA, HonRSCM

SOA Advisory roles

Mr Jim Terzian (USA)
Deputy Chair, SOA

Miss Anouk Borg, MD FRCS (SN) (UK)
Chair, Digital Marketing

Revd Canon Nicholas Porter (USA)
Historical & Cultural Adviser

Mr John Bender (Switzerland)
Adviser, Alliance Orders of St John