SOA Sweden: 2023 Meeting with the Johanniterorden i Sverige and St Erik’s Hospital

Building bridges between St John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital Group, The Johanniterorden i Sverige, and St Erik’s Eye Hospital in Stockholm

Following on from our previous meeting with the Swedish Order and St Erik’s Hospital in 2019, in June 2023 we held a second such meeting to advance cooperation between the two Orders of St John centred on collaboration at St Erik’s Hospital in Stockholm.

This meeting was supported by Dr Elin Bohman (SOA-Sweden Chair), Professor Richard Collin (St John and Gaza surgeon and supporter), Dr Petter von Sydow (Hospitaller, Swedish Order), Dr Richard Kuylenstierna (Past Swedish Hospitaller), Mr John Bender (SOA Alliance Adviser), Mrs Asuncion Gelabert (Hospitaller for Surrey), and Mr David Verity (Order Hospitaller).

On June 1st the first part of the meeting was held in Stockholm’s House of Nobility by the Johanniterorden i Sverige, with Hospitaller Petter von Sydow as host.

Addresses were given by the current and present Swedish Hospitallers, Commendator Mr Otto Drakenberg, Dr Elin Bohman, Mr David Verity, and Mr Harry Verity.

The Stockholm-Jerusalem exchange programme was discussed, and a resolution made to continue and to develop this exchange in 2023/24. Items of appreciation, including a copy of the book ‘A Beacon of Hope’, were presented to our Swedish hosts.

The meeting concluded with dinner with the 30 guests present.

On Friday June 2nd the group visited the newly built Sankt Erik Eye Hospital, which had moved from its previous premises in 2022. We were joined by CEO Sten Kjällström, and appreciated a tour of the impressive research facilities with Professor Pete Williams.

Dr Alexander Berg was also welcomed to the SOA committee in Sweden as the new Honorary Treasurer.

A presentation on the work of St John in Gaza was given by Professor Collin and Mr Verity.

We thank our hosts in Sankt Erik’s Hospital, and the Johanniterorden I Sverige, for an excellent meeting, and look forward to developing the exchange programme and collaboration with St John Eye Hospital Group.

SOA Sweden Board

Chair: Dr Elin Bohman, MD, PhD

Honorary Secretary: Mr Petter von Sydow (Hospitaller, Johanniterorden i Sverige)

Honorary Treasurer: Dr Alexander Berg Rendahl, MD, PhD

Swedish Order Academic Adviser: Dr Richard Kuylenstierna, MD, PhD (Immediate past Hospitaller, Johanniterorden i Sverige)

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