2019: 2nd AAO Meeting

Second Meeting of SOA-Americas

October 14th 2019
San Francisco, USA

The second annual St. John Ophthalmic Association of Americas meeting was held on October 14th in San Francisco at the St. Regis Hotel during the American Academy of Ophthalmology Annual Meeting. The meeting was well attended by a diverse group of the St. John family including members from the United States, England, Australia and Jerusalem.

Dr. Anne Coleman, Chair of SOA-Americas, U.S.Priory Hospitaller and President of the AAO lead the meeting. Anne gave an update/overview of both the St. John Eye Hospital and the SOA International. Anne introduced our guest speaker Dr.Iyad Habil, Medical Director of the St. John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital who was attending the AAO meeting. Iyad gave a passionate talk on the current work at the SJEH, Clinics and Outreach programs. His speech was well complimented by his wife, Haifa Habil who challenged us all to advance the mission and recognition of the great work and service performed by the SJEHG.

Dr.Bruce Spivey, former Executive Director of the AAO and Treasurer of SOA-America then presented a draft of the mission/purpose statement of the SOA-Americas for review and discussion. An excellent dialogue proceeded by the colleagues present discerning how the SOA American Priory can contribute to the overall global mission of the SOA International and SJEHG. There was interjection from of all colleagues present from London, Cambridge, Tasmania, Jerusalem, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston, Houston and Mobile.

Three definitive actions for the SOA-Americas were agreed upon:
(1) To continuing meeting annually at the AAO Annual meeting (Las Vegas in 2020)
(2) To assist in the SOA’s involvement in the World Ophthalmology Congress in Cape Town in 2020
(3) To plan an SOA-America Symposium in Boston the Fall of 2020 at the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary/Harvard Medical School under the leadership of Dr. Suzanne Freitag, Director of Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery Service.

We concluded by renewing our commitment to the purpose and mission of St. John.

We look forward to continue being a part of the great work of the SOA International for the Service of Faith and Humanity.

Humbly and Gratefully submitted,

Dr Charles Mosteller, M.D. CStJ
Secretary SOA Americas

SOA Americas

Launch event, Chicago, October 29th 2018