2023: 8th Meeting (Held at US Investiture)

On Friday October 6th 2023 SOA-USA met in Los Angeles as part of the annual Investiture of the Priory of St John in the USA

On Friday 6th October, the American chapter of the Ophthalmic Association of the St John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital Group (SOA-USA) held its eighth meeting. Established in 2015, the SOA is now formed of 11 chapters across five international hubs, and includes iYouth, the Young Professionals’ group.

SOA-USA now hosts an annual meeting at the American Academy of Ophthalmology, on-line events, and a dedicated event at the Investiture of the US Priory. The most recent, at the Beverley Wilshire Hotel in Los Angeles, was the third such meeting to support the main US Priory Investiture, and the first to be open to all Investiture delegates

The event was led by Mr David Pyott , the US Priory Hospitaller and Chair of SOA-USA, with contributions from Dr Charles Mosteller, SOA-USA Honorary Secretary, and scientific advisers Drs Suzanne Freitag and Bita Esmaeli. Following an introduction from the Prior, the programme’s speakers included the Order Hospitaller, the CEO of the Eye Hospital Group, and recordings from four of our Eye Hospital Group doctors.

Dedicated to promoting the profile and reputation of the St John Eye Hospital Group, the SOA has now run over 35 events across the world. This meeting in Los Angeles successfully brought experts together from a wide range of specialties to discuss both the service work of the Hospital Group, our clinical and research projects, and two case reports of patients currently being managed in Jerusalem and Gaza.

The Eye Hospital Group aspires to being a regional leader in ophthalmic research and education. In the future the Group is looking to establish an academic research centre in Jerusalem, with wide international support base. SOA-Global is grateful to our USA Chapter, and our CEO and doctors in Jerusalem and Gaza, for staging yet another a high-quality meeting, bringing these objectives one step closer.

Thank you.

One St John

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