2021: SOA-Canada Inaugural meeting and SOCS #2

On Saturday 22nd May 2021, SOA-Canada held its Inaugural Meeting, and the second in the ‘SOCS’ programme



The Chair of SOA Canada, Dr. Michelle Khan, opened the event and introduced the speakers.

The keynote address was given by Dr. Ike Ahmed, a world-renowned ophthalmologist, who spoke about complex anterior segment trauma cases.

Following this, Dr. Salam Erakat and Dr. Hishaam Al-Faleet presented unique patient cases from St. John Eye Hospital, including Covid-19 induced uveitis and intra-stromal cornea foreign bodies in refractive surgery patients. This was followed by a stimulating discussion period with expert ophthalmology panelists from around the world.

Mr. David Verity, Hospitaller of St John, described the ethos and work of St John Eye Hospital Group, and reviewed the development of the SOA since its foundation 5 years ago.

Dr. Michelle Khan moderated the session, including the questions and answer period.

Vice Patron Michael Dan then took us on a riveting virtual tour of Jerusalem, from the doors entering the Old City of Jerusalem all the way to the Tree of Hope. He then presented our keynote speaker, Dr. Ike Ahmed, with a swift that was created by world famous British sculptor Mark Coreth.

Finally, Chancellor of the Priory of Canada, Alain Laurencelle, concluded the meeting with thanks to the organizers, the speakers, and our special guests.

(Click below to start video, the presentation starts 7 seconds in)

Dr Michelle Khan, Chair, SOA-Canada