ROP Update 2023

In 2023 the ROP initiative entered its second phase. Thanks to our team in Hebron, with Mr Nader Hajjaj, and our specialist Dr Ala’a Talbishi, we have now mastered the technical side  of using this state-of-the-art camera to examine the retinas of neonates.

Thus far, we have examined over 100 children (200 eyes) and identified ROP in at least one child.

By mid-2023, the Eye Hospital Group will have three Phoenix Icon wide-field retinal screening cameras: One is in Hebron, another in Gaza, and one due to be employed in East Jerusalem and The Holy Family Maternity Hospital in Bethlehem.

There is also great demand in the northern West Bank, where SJEHG is working in Anabta and in Nablus. We very much hope to secure a fourth camera, and the salary for a technician, to serve this community where there is great unmet demand for retinal screening.

Update on ROP screening from SJEHG Staff, Jerusalem, May 2023

One St John

Global expertise

Mr Nader Hajjaj
Senior Ophthalmic technician with the Phoenix Icon Camera in St John’s Hospital in Hebron

Image using the Phoenix Icon Camera showing early ROP