Ophthalmic Research Advisory Committee (ORAC)

Chair: Prof. Nitin Verma, MD. Hospitaller of the Priory of Australia

Deputy: Prof. Graham Lee, MD.

Formal opening: October 14th 2021, St John Australia


ORAC’s objective is to support SJEHG nurses and doctors with the design, execution, and publication of clinical research. The organization is a subcommittee of the SOA, and is based in the Asia Pacific hub of the Association, lead by the Australian Hospitaller. 

ORAC works with St John’s Clinical Research Coordinator to discuss and plan clinical research in SJEHG, and to advise and assist with study design, data collection, and manuscript publication. As a research tool, SJEHG staff are free to engage with ORAC if they need assistance.

The success of ORAC will be reflected by the trust and working relationships that derive from this partnership with St John. It is anticipated that ORAC will support the publication, in high quality journals, of a number of case reports and other more substantive research articles per year. Short (virtual) update meetings are to be held every 4 months, with a short bi-annual summary sent to the Australian Priory and the SOA Clinical Lead.  

In summary, as SJEHG develops its research profile, ORAC will support our staff to bring their clinical research to fruition.

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