On Saturday February 12th SOA-Sweden hosted symposium on paediatric ophthalmology and an update on the work of St John. 

The event was generously supported by 75 registrants from 10 countries.

A note of special thanks go to our guest speaker, Prof. Kristina Teär Fahnehjelm, and indeed to all speakers on this symposium.

Click for full recording. The times of the various talks are given in the programme below.

Programme (100 minutes)

Introduction by Otto Drakenberg (00:30 >> 01:35)
Commander of the Swedish Order of St John
Prof. Kristina Teär Fahnehjelm (01:35 >>26:26)
Optic nerve hypoplasia – a common cause of blindness and a life-threatening condition (20 mins)
Prof. Mark Compton, AM GCStJ. Lord Prior, Order of St John (26:27 >> 28:53)
A welcome note (3 minutes)
Dr Awni Aburamadan, Ophthalmology Registrar, Mid Yorkshire NHS Trust, and iYouth member (28:58 >> 43:57)
The pressing need for a ROP screening programme in Gaza (8 mins)
Dr Radwan Juneidi, St John, Jerusalem (43:57 >> 51:23)
Paediatric Case Report: Acute IIIrd nerve palsy following MMR vaccination (10 mins)
Dr Ala’a Talbishi, St John, Jerusalem (51:23 >> 1:01:55)
Our Childrens’ Future, Today: An update on our retinal genetics research (5 – 7 mins)
Mr John Bender, SOA Advisor, Alliance Johannine Orders (1:02:04 >> 1:09:25)
The Alliance and St John (5-7 mins)
Dr Elin Bohman, Chair, SOA-Sweden (1:09:30 >> 1:14:12)
The Stockholm- Jerusalem exchange: Report from Stockholm (10 mins)
Dr Richard Kuylenstierna, Swedish Hospitaller (1:14:13 >> 1:21:34)
The Swedish Order – Report on activities (10 mins)
Mr David H. Verity, Order Hospitaller (1:21:38 >> 1:33:24)
The St John Eye Hospital and SOA  (10 mins)
Dr Elin Bohman Chair, SOA-Sweden (1:33:25 >> 1:35:10)
Final comments and close of meeting


For and on behalf of the SOA:

Dr Elin Bohman, Stockholm. Chair, SOA-Sweden
David H Verity, Hospitaller

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