2019: Perspective

Welcome to this 2019 Perspective on the St John Eye Hospital Group. Please use the link below to read this report in pdf format.

The St John Ey Hospital Group is a modern, efficient and effective charitable provider of ophthalmic care. And yet, despite the dedication and professionalism of every staff member, supporter and donor, the need for eye care in this population – and the demands on the Hospital Group — rise with each passing year. Coupled with the ever-present financial and political challenges, we shall need to work more closely than ever before if SJEHG is to withstand these challenges. We shall need to reconsider our governmental, corporate and institutional funding bases, working with new partners who can help us become more sustainable and resilient in the years ahead.

Our Order is defined by compassion, organisation, efficiency and practical action. For all our vulnerable patients, their families, and the staff of St John, let us work tirelessly with one common purpose: to support the St John Eye Hospital Group so that its future is secured for as long are patients who need our help.

We shall achieve this if we stay true to the motto of St John: Pro Fide, Pro Utilitate Hominum.