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Membership roll-out planned for January 1st 2022.

Please become a member of the SOA. With your help can we develop St John’s professional profile and create postgraduate opportunities for our staff in East Jerusalem, the West Bank and Gaza.

These initiatives are only possible with your generous support.

Thank you.

Membership options

Life Membership

Platinum, Life
Gold, Life
Standard, Life

Annual Membership

Platinum, Annual
£200 p.a.
Gold, Annual
£100 p.a.
Standard, Annual
£50 p.a.
Nurses, AHPs, Annual
£20 p.a.
iYouth, unsalaried (16-35 yrs), Annual
£20 p.a.
iYouth, salaried (16-35 yrs), Annual
£35 p.a.

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