Jerusalem 1000: Nov 30th – Dec 2nd 2023

One thousand years ago, in 1023,  traders from the Italian Amalfi coast took charge of a hospice in Jerusalem, laying the foundations for the Johannine Orders

This year, at St John Eye Hospital Group, we celebrate this important milestone with a very special History and Culture Summit

Please keep the dates: November 30th – December 2nd 2023

Events include:


Expert guides through the Old City of Jerusalem – unlocking doors to some special sites


Dinner in the Muristan – on the very site where the ancient Order tended to the sick and the poor 1000 years ago


Themed tours through the Eye Hospital of St John:

Outreach ~ Hospital operations ~ Research ~ Local Cuisine ~ iYouth ~ History of the Order

Further information and tickets available May 1st 2023 – watch this space

The Muristan: Birthplace of the Johannine Orders

Notes from a talk at the Eye Hospital’s 140 celebration in the Old City