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Welcome to the St John Ophthalmic Association’s on-line teaching platform

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We present a variety of resources including the current MasterClass Series, the evolving Cutting Edge program, an on-line Ophthalmic Lexicon, and the SOA’s 2020 WOC session on Evolving Humanitarian Programs.

These resources provide succinct, high-quality teaching modules, and are either freely available, or can be accessed via your regional or national medical society by reasonable donation to St John.

For further information for either personal or institutional access, or if you would like to contribute to this project, please contact


Welcome to The St John Master Class Series, providing state-of-the-art update lectures from experts in the field.

Welcome to The Ophthalmic Lexicon, making sense of the terms in ophthalmology.

The St John Cutting Edge Series is a collection of synopses covering ophthalmology and related disciplines.

St John Ophthalmic Case Series (SOCS)

SOCS is a quarterly meeting of clinicians and supporters across SJEHG and the Order, bringing you updates on the Hospital and hosting Priories.

World Ophthalmology Congress

SOA hosts ‘Evolving Humanitarian Programs’ at the World Ophthalmology Congress.