Christmas Greetings

Happy Christmas and a Peaceful New Year

From The St John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital Group Ophthalmic Association

(SOA, including iYouth)

To the SOA Board and all our health care professionals across the world

Thank you for supporting our post graduate work through all our meetings in 2023

Gaza ~ Jerusalem ~ Canada ~ USA ~ Africa ~ Sweden

Summary of SOA meetings in 2023

iYouth: Third AGM, and completion of iWalk, raising over £12,000 for Gaza!

SOA Middle East: 5th Meeting, Jerusalem
SOA Canada: 1st Symposium on Artificial Intelligence and the Eye, Toronto
SOA USA: 3rd Investiture meeting, Los Angeles
SOA USA: 5th meeting at the AAO, San Francisco
SOA Sweden: 2nd meeting, Stockholm
SOA Africa:3rd meeting, Durban


Saturday 20th April, 2024

The second in the SOA MasterClass Series: Artificial Intelligence and the Eye
SOA Canada with University of Toronto and Moorfields Eye Hospital 
0830 – 1700

Gala Dinner & Celebration of iYouth:
‘Jerusalem 1000: Ethic of Care’
Cavalry and Guards Club
1830 – 2300