Welcome to the St John Ophthalmic Association (SOA)

Serving St John Eye Hospital Group and the Order of St John

Established in 2015 by the Hospitallers of the Order

‘Pro fide, pro utilitate hominum’

The Service of Humanity – the principle of the Venerable Order of St John of Jerusalem

The St John Ophthalmic Association was established in 2015 and is formed of clinicians, nurses, managers, and IT and healthcare professionals from across the world.  The group exists to coordinate the post-graduate ophthalmic activities of St John Eye Hospital Group, uniting supporters from all professional walks of life in support of The Order of St John.

The SOA not only supports the strategy of the Hospital Board in advancing teaching, training and research across all branches of the St John Eye Hospital Group (SJEHG), but also supports the developing St John Ophthalmic Hospital in Soweto, Johannesburg.

Thank you for supporting the St John Ophthalmological Association, be it through teaching, training, research, or providing essential administrative or financial assistance, without which the Association could not exist.